Strategic plan


  1. To promote and advance clinical and basic scientific research in ophthalmology, vision sciences and in related disciplines.
  2. To provide a leading International forum and platform, through the EVER congress, for scientific discussion and debate.
  3. To disseminate scientific information and knowledge through scientific meetings and publications.
  4. To contribute towards education in ophthalmology, vision sciences and allied disciplines.
  5. To support young ophthalmologists, vision scientists and allied professionals within Europe in fulfilling the above aims.


Objectives in support of the aims

1. Organise annually the EVER congress to include the best possible science from across Europe and the rest of the world.

  • To allow for as wide a representation across Europe as possible.
  • To ensure that the content of the meeting is not influenced by commercial interests and where such interests exist that they are completely transparent.
  • To ensure that the content of the meeting contributes towards the continuing medical education and professional development of the participants.

2. To co-operate with other European organisations in order to engage European governments and the European parliament in setting standards and allocation of funds for research, training, education and practice in ophthalmology and vision sciences.

3. To develop and publish best practice guidelines on themes such as

  • the organisation of research
  • definition and treatment of diseases
  • standards and legislation

4. To organise locally tailored, advisory and educational meetings in less privileged countries to enhance the quality of clinical and scientific research.

5. To organise symposia, lectures or other means of scientific interaction at different international meetings across the world in order to promote and enhance the profile of European research in ophthalmology and vision sciences.

6. To encourage and where possible facilitate links and collaborations between and among European centres and other international centres of ophthalmic excellence.

7. Ensure timely and accurate publication of EVER meeting abstracts online at the ACTA ophthalmologica web site and encourage EVER members to consider submission and publication of their research in ACTA Ophthalmologica.

Operational objectives

1. Develop an efficient means of electronic communication with EVER office bearers, members, sister organisations, such as ACTA board members, and other institutions with whom EVER may have dealings to ensure that EVER operates in an effective manner.

2. Keep the EVER Web site up to date and in step with advancements in electronic technology as and when necessary.

  • Encourage members to realise the full potential of the EVER web site.

3. Establish monitoring systems for corporate governance to ensure that EVER is well served by its executive, board, sections and section officers and staff.

4. Keep EVER in a financially sound state in order to fulfil all its objectives.

5. Ensure that all EVER dealings are within the legal framework of the applicable laws (of Belgium) and its own constitution.

Policy objectives

Develop a strategy and an action plan towards the following:

  1. Public relations: Improving awareness of EVER across Europe and other countries.
  2. Membership: Improving membership from all European countries and other countries.
  3. Congress Attendance: Improving both individuals participation and encouraging other European organisations to participate in the EVER congress.
  4. Fund raising: Attracting corporate sponsorship to improve finances.
  5. Legal responsibilities: Investigate need to have documents in relation to equality and diversity legislation and other similar European legislations and directives.
  6. To continuously monitor the implementation of the plan undertake a timely review, once every 3 to 5 years. Views of the EVER members should be solicited and considered during the review process.
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