Cookie policy

Cookies are text files that websites exchange with the devices used to browse the net, in order to store some data that will be re-used; they can be stored on the hard disk of your computer in order to make the browsing and the use of the same website easier.
Cookies can be used to determine whether a connection between your computer and our website has already happened or not.
It is obviously possible to visit the website without cookies. Most of the browsers automatically accepts cookies. The automatic registration of cookies can be avoided clicking on “do not accept cookies” among the options given. For further information on this operation, please consult the instruction of the browser. Deleting the cookies stored on the hard disk is possible at any time. Choosing not to accept cookies from the browser can limit the available functions of our website.
When visiting our website for the first time, a banner appears on the lower part of the screen by which OIC informs to use the cookies mentioned by this Policy on the website. The banner provides a link for further information. If the user chooses to ignore the notice and continues using the website, OIC will not store a cookie on the hard disk of the user’s computer to register the choice, and upon the following visit to the website, the approval to the use of cookies will be asked again. Only in case of acceptance the banner will not appear when visiting the website again, without prejudicing the possibility of deleting the cookies at any time, changing the settings of the browser.
Cookies can be divided into:

  • Necessary cookies.These cookies do not require the approval of the user because they are essential for the browsing and the correct functioning of the website.
  • Analysis and performance cookies.They are used to accept and analyse the traffic and use of the website. These cookies, even though not identifying the user, allow to detect if the same user visits the website again. They also allow to monitor the system and enhance its performance and user-friendliness. These cookies can be disabled with no loss of functionality.
  • Profiling cookies.They are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) the user’s preferences and improving his browsing experience. Our website does not use this kind of cookies.

Third Parties Cookies

When visiting our website, you will also receive third parties cookies, which provide the visitor with additional services and features and enhance the use of the website, such as the links to the social networks. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the services provided by third parties, and this website does not have any control on their cookies, completely managed by the third parties.
The data providing agreement exists between the visitor/user and the third parties only; therefore, receiving the approval to the use of these cookies lies obviously with the third parties, and this website has no part in the agreement.
Consequently, the information on the use and purpose of said cookies, and the disabling procedure are provided by the third parties on the pages listed below.
In particular, this website use the cookies of the following third parties:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analysis tool of Google that uses cookies (performance cookies) to gather anonymous browsing data in order to examine the use of the website by the visitors, report on the activities of the website, and provide other information, including the number of visitors and the visited pages. Google can also transfer this information to third parties, when provided by the law or when the said third parties were to treat the said information on behalf of Google. The cookies of Google Analytics can also be used to display more relevant results in the Google properties (such as Google Search). Google will not associate the Ip address to any other data of its own. The data transferred to Google are stored inside the Google servers in the United States.


Youtube is a video sharing platform owned by Google that uses cookies to gather information on its users and their devices.
For further information on the use and treatment of data by Google, please visit the following website:

For further information on the cookies of Google Analytics, please visit the following website:

Disabling Cookies

Cookies are linked to the browser that is being used, and MAY BE DISABLED FROM THE BROWSER SETTINGS, withholding or lifting the approval to the use of cookies. Please note that disabling the cookies may prevent some features of the website from working correctly.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Third Parties Plug-ins

This website may also offer plug-ins and links to enter social networks, in order to ease the sharing of contents on your favourite social networks. The said plug-ins do not install a cookie, but if one is already in the visitor device, they can read it and use it according to its settings. The gathering and use of the information by the said third parties are disciplined by their own privacy policies, which should be consulted on the pages listed below:

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